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COSING DATES: These are “on or about” dates. This means that either party has the right to delay closing for up to 10 calendar days from the closing date noted in the contract.

TOWNSHIP APPROVALS (i.e. Certificate of Occupancy, Smoke Certification, Permits) Once we are under contract and out of review it is your responsibility to contact your listing agent and schedule the township inspections to obtain a certificate of occupancy (if applicable to your town) and smoke certification/carbon monoxide certification and any other approvals from the township that is required to sell your home.

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Mortgages and Home Equity Lines

Our office will order payoffs on your behalf at the time of closing.

Notes For Seller: When you purchased your home, you would have been provided a Deed along with a Title Policy. If you are able to locate, Please provide us the name of the Title Company on the Policy.

Before closing you will need to order a final water/sewer reading with your town. 

If heated by fuel oil, a written fuel oil measurement from your oil dealer is required at closing.